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Experience Matters

Lets face it, over the past few years, video production has turned into a commodity. With picture quality going up and the price of gear coming down, it seems like everyone is shooting and posting content on the web. With the onslaught of video on Youtube and social media networks, viewers are bombarded with messages all over the Internet. Unfortunately, most of this content is boring to watch, lacks creative structure and is poorly executed. Now, more than ever, you need to trust your project with a seasoned pro.

What’s the key in selecting the right production company? Many professional writers, photographers and editors point out the old expression “it’s the violinist, not the violin,” that makes the music. Artists, as well as production companies are not created equal. Yes, experience and talent really do matter.

This web site was created to ensure your investment of time and money brings you the result you expect and deserve. We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional service. Your project and the results you expect from your video production will always be our #1 priority. It’s a promise that only an experienced production company can make.

Please contact us at  (414) 801-4975 or jfomotor@mac.com.

Julius S. Fomotor

“We’re a production company of award winning storytellers and artists. Our experience can make the difference between a good video, and one that will touch the heart, mind and soul of the viewer.”

Fomotor Media and Consulting

Cinematic Storytellers and Artists