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Experienced to Know What Works

The advertising legend Leo Burnett once said: “Our business is ideas, They grow and flourish best in an atmosphere of congenial collaboration.” Advertising agencies and production companies share a common bond -- we make each other better. Agencies bring ideas, creative energy and isight to the client’s needs and expectations. Experienced production companies give suggestions on what works best and how to accomplish the task at hand. Most of all, production companies take the agency’s thoughts and ideas and bring them to life on the silver screen.

Does your production company compliment your creative work? Do they have the talent it takes to tell a dramatic story? Does anyone discuss line of action, opposing force or dramatic tension? If not, we should talk. Whether you have a long standing relationship with a production house or your looking for fresh ideas, we’d love to help. One opportunity is all we ask.

Contact us at 414 801-4975 or  jfomotor@mac.com.

“We’ve worked closely with some of the top Ad Agencies in town and we’d love to collaborate with you. We have the talent and experience to know what works and how to get it done in a timely manner.”

Julius S. Fomotor

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